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Full Body Massage Services in Kolkata

It is a technique wherein a mixture of essential oils with a scented effect is used for skin relief. These have anti-microbial properties. With their application, the skin is rendered strong and resilient. In addition the respiratory system is improved. The therapist chooses a synergistic blend of 3 essential oils, which are added to a carrier oil. The oil mixture is applied in long sweeping strokes, so that the muscles get warmed. After this phase, deep massaging is done. This deeply calming massaging technique detoxifies the body and enhances blood circulation rate. Different aromatic oils have different responses. For eg. Rosemary oil is used for energising the body. Similarly, scented oils like Lavendar oil and Peppermint oil provide soothing relief against pains and itching sensations.

full body massage

Full body massage

A professional therapist does full body massage where they use a mixture of aromatic essential oils. The oils are rich in nutrients and have many beneficial properties like anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. When applied to the skin, the oils seep through the pores making it strong and hardy. The scent helps in cleaning the respiratory tract. Usually, a blend of three different essential oils is used and then this mixture is added to a carrier oil. Once applied to the skin using long strokes, deep massaging is then done. This helps in improving the blood circulation and in the detoxification of the blood.

Thai massage

Deep tissue massage

In, deep tissue massage, a greater amount of pressure is allowed to the muscles and the connective tissue like the tendons and ligaments. In the myofascial layer, sustained, gentle pressure is applied so that our client can have the maximum relief. Our therapists use different hand techniques to generate different strokes starting from long sweeping to the short discontinuous ones. Deep tissue massaging at our body massage parlor includes the body wraps and also the water therapy. Both the processes are best for hydrating your skin and making it supple. Your stress level is definitely going to come down and you will be left with a refreshing mood.

back andhead massage

Swedish oil massage

Swedish massage, though similar to the deep tissue massaging, differs slightly on the point of application. This method is superficial and is best known for relieving your pain. The strokes are quite specific and aren't made too deep. So only the top layers of the muscles are pampered in this massaging process. At Natasha massage parlour, Swedish massage is done using five different strokes- effleurage, petrissage, nerve strokes, friction, and Swedish gymnastics. The combination of these five different massaging strokes helps to improve the blood circulation and bring down your anxiety levels. Also, any aching muscle will be soothed with this superficial body massage.

deep tissue massage

Sandwich massage

Sandwich massage involves two female masseurs and one male client and hence the name sandwich. On both sides, both the females, making sure that equal care is given to both the halves, will do massage equally. The blood circulation is normalized using these massage techniques along with the reduction in the pain and normalization of the body temperature. The brain will always try to focus on what each therapist is doing but as both will have the same pace, it becomes hard to keep a track and hence your neural activity will relax. This four-hand massage helps in establishing a proper co-ordination between both the hemispheres of the brain.

hot stone massage

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage involves flat, black, pre-heated stones placed on some specific parts of your body. These black rocks are igneous in nature, usually basalt that has heat retaining property. The stones are heated to a degree of 145 degrees which is helpful for the skin and yet effective. Hot stone therapy is basically done for reliving the muscle tension and pain. The different strokes used for the massage helps in lowering mental distress and emotional instability. Our therapists work in a way where you will feel your eyes drooping due to the excessive amount of relaxation seeping within your muscles.

body to body massage

Body to body massage

Body to body massage is basically done in order to enhance certain stimulations in both the individuals. Both of them are usually naked and our masseur will allow the skin-to-skin contact to apply the essential oils over our client's body. This is an act of extreme intimacy and usually involves some teasing stimulations. Services will be provided as per the desires of the client and no compromise will be done on our part. Every client is free to reach to us with his or her desires and we will appoint our best therapist. This massage therapy might include certain intimate acts between the client and our masseur.

Female to male massage

Female to male massage

In this specific section of our service, we offer the needed privacy during the massage session. Clients can ask for any type of massage for their ultimate satisfaction. Our female masseurs will tend to your needs in the best possible way. They are accustomed to using different strokes and essential oils to relieve you of your tensions and distresses. We have a skilled group of female therapists who will attend to your desires and will make your massage session the happiest one. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing day, then Natasha body massage parlor is your ideal option.

Sports massaging

Sports massaging

Sports massage is specifically for those who are involved in gymnastics, acrobatics, and various other forms of sports. Our therapists focus on parts where maximum effort is applied during the sports like the limbs, spine, and so on. This therapy is usually done to enhance the healing time of the body post a rigorous event and to prepare the body before a sport. We mainly target the muscle-tendon junctions because they are the most affected parts. After around two or three sessions at the most, the client will be able to feel the strength and sturdiness of their muscles and bones.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy

Some muscle in our body has a trigger point and this particular massage therapy is used to focus on them only. These muscles are generally weak than the other in terms of strength, flexibility, and rigidity. Our therapist will apply pressure on the trigger points directly in a different manner to bring out the positive responses of the muscles. The trigger point therapy helps in developing the mobility of these weaker muscles along with enhancing the muscle metabolism and blood circulation. Our therapist has enough knowledge about the pain referral pattern to help you in coping up with some chronic diseases.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is done on the soft tissues of the body to restore the normal homeostasis and metabolism. Our therapeutic massages are mainly done to relieve many chronic problems associated with bones and muscles. The depth, pace, and the form help in restoring the normal blood circulation in the body. Therapeutic massages impart a relaxed state for your mind and hence best for letting go of the turmoils and turbulence of life. At our body massage parlor, you will get the perfect therapy for healing through the natural methods. Our therapists use different combinations of essential oils to make the healthy changes in your ever-tensed life.

body massage

Reflexology massage

The human body has reflex points at many portions like the earlobe, back of the pinna, feet sole, knuckles, palms, and so on. In reflexology massage, slight pressure is applied to these reflex points to make the body come alive again. The perfect stimulation establishes a coordinated control between the different senses of the body. Pressure applied on these points initiates energy pathways for the transfer of stimulus to the affected areas. As a result, you will feel at peace and your pain and distress will be lowered to a great extent. Holds, kneading, rubbing, rotation, and finger pressure are the five main methods of reflexology massage.

Royal thai massage

Royal thai massage

Thai massage is an ancient body healing methodology where three principles are combined together- acupressure, Indian ayurvedic theories, and the yoga. This ancient form of massage is best known for providing temporary bliss where you can let go of all your problems and live in the moment. Here, stretching is done where the skin is stretched to alleviate the muscle pains. Also, a rhythmic pressure is applied to ensure that even attention is given to every spot of the body. Stretching is also done through the yoga poses without causing any difficulty to the client. We make sure to heighten the mood by giving a royal style of Thai massage.