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Why come to Natasha body massaging parlour in Kolkata?

SPA word has always found an extensive application in the Latin phrases to symbolize the message- "Health through Water". In fact, the word SPA is closely related with Balneotherapy, which means relief from negative thoughts by using water as a healing element.

The same belief is incorporated in our services where you will get a close resemblance between the mythical healing hot springs and our hot water baths. We believe that medicines are able to heal the external injuries only but the natural therapies can seep deep into your soul and heal you from within.

We incorporate massaging therapies to relieve the tension and knots in your muscles and to give you the ultimate relaxation. We use the advanced form of technologies to ensure that no compromise is shown on our part.

Many different diseases are there whose medical treatments aren't sufficient to heal you completely. At Natasha Massage body parlor, you will have the healing remedies in the most natural manner. We will tend to your problems using the natural healing products, which will automatically bring a smile to your face.

Our professionals are well aware of the needs of your different parts. And accordingly, they use different essential oils, and natural masks that can help your body to cope with the problems. We have acquainted ourselves in treating a wide range of diseases like arthritis, migraine, depression, headache, and so on.


At Natasha spa parlour, we aim to acquire the pioneer position in the field of spa treatments in Kolkata. It is our vision to impart the knowledge of natural healing treatments that not only soothes the body pain but also calms down your raging mind. We pamper our clients using various methodologies like hand pressure, soothing touch, reflexive actions, essential oils, and many others to alleviate distress and pain. Our sessions are meant to spread happiness and joy in your life in the best possible manner.

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